Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, as you probably noticed, the title to this post is missing the "walk" part. My dad is here visiting for the week, and we are going to be building a bunk bed for the girls. So that has been our focus today. Going over the plans, making modifications, pricing it out, buying supplies and all that fun stuff.
Hannah, my Dad and I did go for a short walk over to Home Depot to check things out, so I guess technically we did have a "Wednesday Walk". Just nothing exciting like checking out a new park. And no neat pictures to go with it. :)
I will keep you updated with bunk bed progress. Hopefully we can get most of it done before he has to head home. I had thought when I first found these plans that I could easily do this myself, but now that we've been looking at it more and figuring things out, I am glad to have help.
Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

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