Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Windows: After

Outside the kitchen window

Inside kitchen window

Outside living room window

Inside living room window...we can now open it on both sides!!

The windows look really great...these pictures don't do them justice. Can't wait to get our new sliding patio door!! 2 more weeks! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Windows: Before

We are getting our new windows installed today!!! Hooray!!! It is so exciting!!! We could only do the living room, kitchen and dining room right now, but it will make such a big difference!!! Not only will they look great, but they will save us a LOT on heating. We won't have cold air gushing in around our patio door anymore, and a lot less heat will go out through the glass. We should be able to turn down our thermostat by quite a bit! And the great news is, in the summer we can open our front window for ventilation!! It used to be just a big solid window that we couldn't open.
I was smart this time and actually remembered to take before pictures so here they are! I will post pics of the new windows soon.
Oh, the only bummer is they ordered the wrong size for our patio door, so we're not getting that one today, but we will get it in a couple of weeks. At least we are still getting it! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, I've kind of been in a blogging mood today, but didn't know what to write about. So, I thought I would just share about our day. It is nothing exciting...just a glimpse of what goes on in our house.
Since it is Saturday, we started off with pancakes and smoothies for breakfast. I had some pancakes in the freezer from last week, so that made breakfast a breeze today! That meant I had more time to get to other things....

Reading library books with Hannah...we read every one that we checked out at the library last night!

Planning the garden. Have to get things ordered soon!
Laundry...never ending laundry.
Chili in the crockpot for dinner...mmmm!!!
Hannah playing with shaving of her favorite activities. Can you tell? :)
Little Ellie girl just hanging out. Love that girl!
I shined my sink this morning...Fly Lady style! Trying to get back on the wagon!

The girls are napping now, and James is playing the Wii. Hubby has to go to work soon. I'm hoping to go outside and get some fresh air while the sun is shining.
A nice, peaceful Saturday with not much on the agenda.

How was YOUR Saturday?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Frugal Friday: Cloth Diapers

Since Ellie is almost 5 months old, I figure it's time to start using cloth diapers. I had intended on using them since she was born, but never got around to getting some. There are just so many choices out there! It can be kind of overwhelming. I did get lots of advice from some friends who have used cloth, and did lots of research on my own. The other day when I was browsing on craigslist (I LOVE craigslist!) I came across someone selling some gDiapers. I had seen these in Whole Foods before, but didn't know much about them. So I looked them up on Google to find out more.
They are totally cool! Basically they are a cover that you can put either a cloth insert or a tossable/flushable/compostable insert in. I thought that is totally something I could do! We could use the cloth inserts for at home, yet have the convenience of disposables on the go. So, I decided to get a couple from the gal on craigslist to try. Much cheaper than ordering new, so I'm not out much if I decide I don't like these ones.
Now, I just have to get some inserts and we'll be good to go! Will let you know how it goes and if they are any good. I hope they work well. I really would like to stop using disposables. We could save so much money by not buying diapers every month! That excites me! Frugal, frugal, frugal! And the added bonus: gDiapers are sooo cute!

I would love to hear about YOUR cloth diapers if you use/have used them!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Music to my ears!

Now that we have been finishing up some of our projects and getting our house back in order we were finally able to move our piano inside!
Hannah had been praying for a piano for awhile, and her prayers were answered about a month ago. A friend of ours works at a group home and she was trying to get rid of the piano and posted it on Facebook...for free!! So we borrowed a trailer and went and got it. Of course, it had to sit in the garage for awhile since our house was turned upside down. But now it is finally inside!
We need to get it tuned and hopefully we can fix a couple of the keys. However, Hannah has been enjoying it nonetheless and it has been fun to listen to her play. I've also played it a little bit when Hannah lets me have a turn. Feels so good to "tickle the ivories" as my Daddy would say. I'm excited to have music be more a part of our house than ever before.

Oh, and Ellie loves to listen to it too. She was sitting on my lap watching Hannah play the other day and it almost sounded like she was singing!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hannah did it!!! She went poop on the potty this afternoon!!

(Wow, you can really tell I've become a mom...all this talk about poop and pee!)

Potty Time!!!

This week we started working on potty training with Hannah. She definitely seemed like she was ready for it since she was telling me when she was going in her diaper. So I took her to Target on Sunday night to find a potty seat and another package of panties. (We already had some panties from last summer when we tried working on potty training). She picked a Dora Princess seat and Elmo/Sesame Street panties. She was VERY excited to try it all out! Unfortunately, when she woke up Monday morning she didn't want to have anything to do with it and ran and got a diaper out of the drawer and started throwing a fit. Not sure how we eventually got around that bump, but we did and she conceded to wearing her panties. Yay! We started with just setting the timer for about every 40 minutes, and went about our day. She had a couple of accidents, but that is to be expected. She was very good about stopping her play when the timer beeped and running to the bathroom for "potty time".
For the last two days Hannah has stayed completely dry with no accidents! AND she is telling me when she needs to go! No more timer!! I do try to keep an eye on the clock to make sure she is going regularly though. She has even managed to keep her diapers dry at nap time and when we have to go out. One night she even stayed dry all night!


Now we just need her to go poop on the potty...............

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Craft "Room"

Hello, all! I've been so terrible at finding time to write daily on here, so there's lots of catching up to do. (Who really has time when you have a 4 month old, and a 2 1/2 year old???) Anyway, I'm doing my best. I've found this week that nap time is my best time to write a few words. And my goal is to write everyday M-F, but please forgive me if I miss a day...or two. Anyway, I just HAD to share with you about my new favorite place in the house! Along with remodeling our entry way, we also had another project going on: turning our big hall closet with shelves piled full of stuff into a neatly organized craft "room". Okay it's not really a ROOM, but it is my own space to work on my crafts...sewing, card making, scrapbooking, etc. Yes, I know, quite ambitious...or wait, was that crazy? Either way, our house was a complete disaster. I had never lived in such disarray before! LOL I tend to be a perfectionist, and to have piles of stuff all over my house, and dirt and dust piling up everywhere because we couldn't get to anything or clean anything was almost too much. I kept reminding myself that this was all for good, and in the end we'd be even more organized than before. And we are. You already saw pictures of the entry way and our lovely new shelves in there. Here's some pics of my new craft area. I'm terrible at remembering to take "before" pictures until we're already well into the project, so there's only one to kind of give an idea of what it was like before the transformation.
Oh, can I just add, I LOVE Ikea!!! Okay, that's all. Have a blessed day!
Hall closet can see where the shelves used to be. They were huge shelves that were hard to keep organized.

After...the view down the hall.

Under the for my fabric and stamping supplies.

Butcher block counter top from Ikea. Still have a few things I need to put away.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Elissa is 4 months old!

My little Elissa is now 4 months old as of January 1st. Time flies by so quickly! And she is growing like a weed! At her 4 month check-up she was 24.5 inches long and she weighed 12 pounds 12 ounces. She is such a good baby, and very happy almost all of the time. But she sure lets you know when she's not happy!
She rolls over from her tummy to her back and almost makes it from her back to her tummy. She holds herself up very well when she's having tummy time and loves to play with her toys on the floor. She also likes to sit in her exersaucer and play when Mommy is making dinner. And she loves to laugh at Sissy and Bubba...she thinks they are great!
I think she is about to get her first tooth. She's been waking up a lot in the night again, her nose is runny and she is constantly chewing and sucking on whatever she can get in her mouth! Hopefully soon we'll see a little white tooth poking through!

I love you, Ellie!!! xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're getting organized!!!

We've been working on a lot of home improvement projects lately...a seemingly endless list sometimes. Tiling, texturing, painting, etc. We've been doing it all. One thing I've found is that things are NOT EVER as easy as they make it look on HGTV.
And projects never get done when you think they will. When we took on remodeling our entry we thought we'd have it done in a week. Ha! Here it is 2 months since we started and we are still not done. The tile went down great, the texture and paint went up on the walls with ease. We also wanted some shelves, shoe cubbies and a bench. I drew up some plans of what we wanted and my wonderful hubby set off to try to build it. We ran into some trouble here since neither of us are so great at building things, so decided it would be best to delegate this task to Matt's brother-in-law. After all, he made our beautiful built-in shelves and entertainment center so we knew whatever he built would be awesome. And it is!!!
Matt went down on Monday to pick it up. Now it is nicely installed in our entry way, cubbies filled with shoes and shelves with baskets to keep everything organized. I love it!
Now, the only things left is to put up the new baseboard and new trim around the door and our entry way is done! On to the next project!! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plants, plants, plants!

This week I started working with Hannah in a Boz the Bear workbook that somebody had given us. It is perfect for her as there are lots of Bible stories and lessons to go along with workbook pages. She loves stories and she loves coloring! Our first lesson for this week is on all of the plants that God created and how they help us and animals. We read the story of creation from Genesis, played a color game where we had to think of the different plants God made of different colors, did a worksheet coloring apples, and made an apple stamp painting. We also took a walk at a local park and looked at some plants. So glad it wasn't raining! It was wonderful to get outside!
Hannah was so excited to do her "school work" today, and I am looking forward to sharing more learning times with her.
We are not worried about being very structured as we go through this since she is only 2 1/2 right now. However, since she really enjoys "work books" and such I figured this would be a fun way to guide us a little bit in exploring our world and spending time together learning. Of course, we tell Ellie all about everything we are learning too. :)

Oh, and since we are on the subject of plants.....I got my Burpee seed catalog in the mail the other day!!! Yippee!!! Time to start planning my garden for this year and ordering my seeds. I am so excited! I learned a lot last year and am looking forward to growing another, hopefully better, garden. I'm not sure where I'm going to do it, but I'm hoping to grow my own plant starts this year to save money, since seeds are cheaper than buying the plants from the garden center. Will keep you posted on how that goes. Now, to find the time to plan.....hmmmm....

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hannah and her snowman.

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope the end of your 2009 was blessed, and 2010 is off to a great start for you. We finished off 2009 by celebrating my wonderful hubby's birthday on the 28th and 5 inches of white, beautiful snow the next day that stuck around till New Year's Day. Hannah loved the snow and would have probably stayed out playing in it all night if we had let her. She and daddy made snow angels, I helped her make a snowman, and we all enjoyed some fresh snow cones with pomegranate juice. Thankfully snow doesn't stay around here too long. People out here freak out when it snows and they don't know how to drive in it. A few snowflakes usually shut down the whole metro area! Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration...

With the new year I am going to try to consistently update my blog. Although I can't make any promises. With a baby and a toddler, life can certainly take some crazy turns!

Here's hoping your year ahead is blessed!

Ellie's first snow.

My Hannah Girl. She loves the snow.

The view out our front window. Beautiful!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11