Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plants, plants, plants!

This week I started working with Hannah in a Boz the Bear workbook that somebody had given us. It is perfect for her as there are lots of Bible stories and lessons to go along with workbook pages. She loves stories and she loves coloring! Our first lesson for this week is on all of the plants that God created and how they help us and animals. We read the story of creation from Genesis, played a color game where we had to think of the different plants God made of different colors, did a worksheet coloring apples, and made an apple stamp painting. We also took a walk at a local park and looked at some plants. So glad it wasn't raining! It was wonderful to get outside!
Hannah was so excited to do her "school work" today, and I am looking forward to sharing more learning times with her.
We are not worried about being very structured as we go through this since she is only 2 1/2 right now. However, since she really enjoys "work books" and such I figured this would be a fun way to guide us a little bit in exploring our world and spending time together learning. Of course, we tell Ellie all about everything we are learning too. :)

Oh, and since we are on the subject of plants.....I got my Burpee seed catalog in the mail the other day!!! Yippee!!! Time to start planning my garden for this year and ordering my seeds. I am so excited! I learned a lot last year and am looking forward to growing another, hopefully better, garden. I'm not sure where I'm going to do it, but I'm hoping to grow my own plant starts this year to save money, since seeds are cheaper than buying the plants from the garden center. Will keep you posted on how that goes. Now, to find the time to plan.....hmmmm....

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