Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Windows: Before

We are getting our new windows installed today!!! Hooray!!! It is so exciting!!! We could only do the living room, kitchen and dining room right now, but it will make such a big difference!!! Not only will they look great, but they will save us a LOT on heating. We won't have cold air gushing in around our patio door anymore, and a lot less heat will go out through the glass. We should be able to turn down our thermostat by quite a bit! And the great news is, in the summer we can open our front window for ventilation!! It used to be just a big solid window that we couldn't open.
I was smart this time and actually remembered to take before pictures so here they are! I will post pics of the new windows soon.
Oh, the only bummer is they ordered the wrong size for our patio door, so we're not getting that one today, but we will get it in a couple of weeks. At least we are still getting it! :)

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