Monday, January 18, 2010

Music to my ears!

Now that we have been finishing up some of our projects and getting our house back in order we were finally able to move our piano inside!
Hannah had been praying for a piano for awhile, and her prayers were answered about a month ago. A friend of ours works at a group home and she was trying to get rid of the piano and posted it on Facebook...for free!! So we borrowed a trailer and went and got it. Of course, it had to sit in the garage for awhile since our house was turned upside down. But now it is finally inside!
We need to get it tuned and hopefully we can fix a couple of the keys. However, Hannah has been enjoying it nonetheless and it has been fun to listen to her play. I've also played it a little bit when Hannah lets me have a turn. Feels so good to "tickle the ivories" as my Daddy would say. I'm excited to have music be more a part of our house than ever before.

Oh, and Ellie loves to listen to it too. She was sitting on my lap watching Hannah play the other day and it almost sounded like she was singing!

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