Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Craft "Room"

Hello, all! I've been so terrible at finding time to write daily on here, so there's lots of catching up to do. (Who really has time when you have a 4 month old, and a 2 1/2 year old???) Anyway, I'm doing my best. I've found this week that nap time is my best time to write a few words. And my goal is to write everyday M-F, but please forgive me if I miss a day...or two. Anyway, I just HAD to share with you about my new favorite place in the house! Along with remodeling our entry way, we also had another project going on: turning our big hall closet with shelves piled full of stuff into a neatly organized craft "room". Okay it's not really a ROOM, but it is my own space to work on my crafts...sewing, card making, scrapbooking, etc. Yes, I know, quite ambitious...or wait, was that crazy? Either way, our house was a complete disaster. I had never lived in such disarray before! LOL I tend to be a perfectionist, and to have piles of stuff all over my house, and dirt and dust piling up everywhere because we couldn't get to anything or clean anything was almost too much. I kept reminding myself that this was all for good, and in the end we'd be even more organized than before. And we are. You already saw pictures of the entry way and our lovely new shelves in there. Here's some pics of my new craft area. I'm terrible at remembering to take "before" pictures until we're already well into the project, so there's only one to kind of give an idea of what it was like before the transformation.
Oh, can I just add, I LOVE Ikea!!! Okay, that's all. Have a blessed day!
Hall closet before....you can see where the shelves used to be. They were huge shelves that were hard to keep organized.

After...the view down the hall.

Under the desk...storage for my fabric and stamping supplies.

Butcher block counter top from Ikea. Still have a few things I need to put away.

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