Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ellie!!!

 On September 1st our baby girl turned 3 years old!!! She's not a baby anymore!
 We had a fun weekend celebrating our youngest. The day of her birthday we went to the farmer's market and painted our nails and just enjoyed some quality time together. And we finished off the day with Ellie's favorite dinner: pineapple pizza. Yum!
Sunday we had a party with family and a few close friends the pretty much are family. We barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs and had cake and ice cream. And of course, presents. Fun times!
 We are so blessed to have little Ellie in our lives! She brings such joy and sunshine to our family and is always overflowing with love for everyone!
 Looking forward to another year of watching her grow and learn and become the beautiful person that God has designed her to be!
 We love you, Ellie!!! xoxoxoxooxo