Friday, January 22, 2010

Frugal Friday: Cloth Diapers

Since Ellie is almost 5 months old, I figure it's time to start using cloth diapers. I had intended on using them since she was born, but never got around to getting some. There are just so many choices out there! It can be kind of overwhelming. I did get lots of advice from some friends who have used cloth, and did lots of research on my own. The other day when I was browsing on craigslist (I LOVE craigslist!) I came across someone selling some gDiapers. I had seen these in Whole Foods before, but didn't know much about them. So I looked them up on Google to find out more.
They are totally cool! Basically they are a cover that you can put either a cloth insert or a tossable/flushable/compostable insert in. I thought that is totally something I could do! We could use the cloth inserts for at home, yet have the convenience of disposables on the go. So, I decided to get a couple from the gal on craigslist to try. Much cheaper than ordering new, so I'm not out much if I decide I don't like these ones.
Now, I just have to get some inserts and we'll be good to go! Will let you know how it goes and if they are any good. I hope they work well. I really would like to stop using disposables. We could save so much money by not buying diapers every month! That excites me! Frugal, frugal, frugal! And the added bonus: gDiapers are sooo cute!

I would love to hear about YOUR cloth diapers if you use/have used them!


  1. Enjoy your adventure with cloth diapering! All three of my kids have been cloth diapered... we're still using diapers for W that I bought when J was little (these things have been in use 6 years now and are just starting to look worn). We use prefolds with prowrap covers because it was the cheapest option when we got started. This is the system we started with... with experimented with a few other options (wool, bumgenius pockets, aio's) and always come back to our old-school system! :) We do have a few fuzzibunz pocket diapers now for when we're out and about to make changes easier. We just take a wetbag with us (to tote dirty diapers home in) and a ziploc full of wet cloth wipes. Be prepared that if your diapers are bulky at all, you'll need to size up in pants! :) But yeah... cloth is soooo much cuter! Have fun!!!

  2. hiya! Great blog! I know a few people who use cloth nappies and say it works out much cheaper! I would have given it a go but my house is that small there would be no whhere to hang them to dry!
    Please stop by n check out my blog sometime x

  3. Thank you for your nice comments! I am sooo excited about cloth diapering...wish I had done it with my first and started sooner with Ellie, but I guess better late than never! I've also looked into the prefold in a cover option as a friend showed me that. VERY economical and looks pretty easy.Thanks again! :)