Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Walk: Turner Creek Park

For today's walk we headed over to a nearby park that we've only been to one other time. Turner Creek Park is about a 5 minute drive away. In fact, we probably could walk there just as easily. (Maybe next time!)

I didn't really plan very well for this week, so at the last minute this morning I was searching the Hillsboro Parks website to find a good park with trails for walking. I didn't realize it last time we were at Turner Creek, but they have a fairly nice loop of trails down behind the playground and ball fields. So we figured we'd go check it out and then have some play time.

The trail led down into a wooded area surrounding a little creek, which I am assuming must be Turner Creek. :) There was a little bridge over the creek and some more trails heading off on the other side of the creek. We watched some water skaters for a few minutes and hoped to see a frog or something. But no other wild life this time except for some birds up in the trees that we could only hear.

After we finished walking the loop we headed back to the playground for some more fun. The girls had fun swinging and sliding and climbing around and James busied himself on the monkey bars. He didn't climb around too much because he is pretty sore from football practice last night.

It's always fun to discover new places, and I am thinking we might go back sometime to spend more time exploring down by the creek. Maybe with our magnifying glasses.

Happy Wednesday! :)

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