Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Walk: Orchard Park

This week for our walk we headed over to check out a park we haven't been to since Hannah was around Ellie's age. Orchard Park is a nice little park here in the Hillsboro area that has a nice little loop trail that is perfect for the girls to walk and not get worn out. Plus it has a playground with swings for some fun play time after walking.

The paved trail meanders through some open, grassy areas as well as some wooded areas. It even has a few places where you can see the little creek that runs through the park. We stopped on one of the bridges and watched the water for a bit to see if we could see any signs of life. We were just about to continue on when the kids spotted a crawdad crawling around under the water!

The girls also enjoyed looking at bugs along the way and checking out the different plants. We identified some Oregon grape plants that were loaded with berries, and some really pretty tiny flowers that we'll have to look up in our book.

After our walk, we of course spent some time on the playground. James climbed the big rock and sat up there watching everything going on below. The girls had fun swinging and playing on the bouncing bugs.
Then it was time to head home for some lunch! Can't wait for next weeks adventure! :)

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