Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bunk Bed Project: Phase 1

I am sooooo excited!!! We got the bunk bed put together today! Hooray! It was a long couple of days and we had a bit of a set back at one point because we forgot to figure a dimension into some of our measuring, but we got it built! And for a little under $100!

The plan we used was quite simple and with my dad's handy pocket hole tool, it made it even better! (You can find the plan here at this AMAZING website! Just search for "Classic Bunk Bed")
I think the worst part was probably sanding ALL that wood! My had is still vibrating from using the sander. LOL!

It was fun to hang out with my dad for a couple days and build something together. We both love to create and make things, and this was more fun than putting together something from IKEA. (Although that DEFINITELY has it's place too! Our house wouldn't be the same without IKEA. LOL!)
Anyway, now all that's left to do is some finish sanding, priming it, painting it, putting the slats in and bringing it in for the little princesses to enjoy. It will probably be another week or more before it is completely done, but I had to share the progress we've made. :)


  1. looks like the kiddos are gonna love it! It will last them a very long time and they can say, "mom and grandpa made this for us"!

  2. That is very cool! I'm sure the girls will have lots of memories to share in that bed over the coming years. I like that you built it right to the ground, that keeps things from collecting under there ~