Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend Fun

Ellie digging in the garden...she actually didn't try to eat the dirt this time! :)

Hannah and her worm she found while helping me dig in the garden. She had so much fun!

This past weekend was another beautiful couple of days and we made good use of the nice weather. Saturday morning Matt and I took the girls down to the farmer's market and got some fresh produce and some yummy treats. And Hannah helped me pick out another bouquet of flowers for the dining table. So glad there's still a couple more weekends of the market left! We always have such a good time walking around in the fresh air and looking at what everyone has to sell.
After the market, we came home and had lunch and then the girls and I headed out to check out some garage sales and go visit our friends at their coffee shop. We found a few good deals. Hannah is especially excited about the little mini bread pans we found so she can make her own little loaves of bread. (Yes, we are going to attempt making bread completely from scratch, by hand next week! Will let you know how that goes!) We also found a popcorn popper that looks like an old fashioned popcorn cart (except smaller) for $3! It doesn't work quite as well as I had hoped, but we are still having fun with it.
We decided that since it was such a nice day outside we should work in the garden for a bit, so after the coffee shop we headed to Home Depot to grab a bag of compost (I know, I know, we should have a compost pile in our backyard...it's on my to do list, and maybe it'll happen this year, but with two littles running around well......let's just say compost pile got put on the back burner. I'll keep you posted on that too). The girls were such good helpers and helped me mix the compost into our garden box and we got it all ready to plant some seeds. We put some plastic over the bed and are going to try growing some lettuce, spinach, carrots and a few other things. We thought since we started some things in our "greenhouse" toward the end of winter/early spring this year, we'd try growing some things on the other end, heading into winter. I'm excited to see how it does!
Sunday was just a nice relaxing day with church and afterward the kids enjoyed playing together out in the yard. So blessed to have a yard for them to run and play in! We also got to have some time chatting with my mom on Skype.
All in all we had a wonderful weekend just being together and enjoying this beautiful world we live in!

Ellie sampled the cherry tomatoes while the older two ran around in the yard. She LOVED them!

Couldn't resist posting this pic of Hannah. Love how her curls are all bouncy when she runs!

Love to see the kids playing and having fun together!

"But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful."
Psalm 68:3

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