Tuesday, October 19, 2010

School Time!!!

Hannah coloring a picture of a mama duck and her ducklings.

This week for school we are reading the book "Make Way For Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey. And we are enjoying many activities learning about ducks. Monday we took a "field trip" to the pond by the library and fed and watched the ducks. We saw LOTS of Mr. and Mrs. Mallards! The girls had so much fun watching the ducks that I think they could have stayed there all day. While we watched the ducks we talked about the differences between the daddies and the mommies, and what they like to eat, and how they swim, etc. We've been having fun counting ducks in different pictures for math. We also have a fun duck craft planned for later this week to practice cutting skills, and probably another trip to watch some ducks at a local nature park. Ellie has been learning how to make sounds like a duck. She says "ack, ack". So cute!
Hannah has also been learning how to write the letter "i" and doing some pages in her Boz the Bear workbook. We are also continuing to read in our Pooh story book and Little House on the Prairie. Of course, there is time for outside play and other fun things like playdough and the rice box (a plastic shoe box filled with rice and scoops and other safe toys for sensory play).
Hannah has also been learning how to clean the bathroom and does a great job helping me get the house in order in the mornings! She is so willing to help and do things!
Oh, and in the afternoons we watch a Signing Time video from the library and we've started teaching Hannah to play the piano.
Boy, that really sounds like a lot when I typed it out, but really we only spend a few minutes with the book work and mostly just play and read books and have fun together.

Our basket of library books which we read from daily.

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