Sunday, October 10, 2010

Attitude of Thankfulness: The start of my journey toward a thankful heart

I recently came across the most wonderful, encouraging blog, A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp. It is like a little retreat heading over to her blog. The way she writes, what she writes is truly inspiring!
On her blog, Ann has started a Gratitude Community where people can join and share what they are thankful for. The goal for each person is to eventually have a list of 1000 things. But more than that it is to teach us and create in us a heart of praise and thankfulness to the Lord, our Maker. It really struck me when I was reading today, how Ann talks about how we were created for praise.
How many days do I let slip by without even being thankful for one thing? We are blessed so abundantly and in so many ways, and I have been inspired to start cultivating a heart of thankfulness and praise.
I know it will take me a long time to reach a list of 1000 things with just 20 per week, but I'm starting with baby steps. And I have a feeling that soon I won't be able to stick with just 20.
I am going to try to come up with 20 things on Sunday evenings. I figured what better way to start the week than by thinking of ways I am blessed!
So here goes:

1. The beautiful spider web that is new on my kitchen window every morning.
2. Tiny toes
3. New sprouts in the garden
4. Bouncy curls
5. Precious smiles
6. Playing chase with my hubby in the dark outside
7. Pumpkin pie!
8. The anticipation of getting a new camera
9. An hour to go out by myself to Target
10. Classical music
11. Green yarn coming together on my knitting needles
12. Children's laughter
13. A new week ahead to learn new things
14. Watching my girls enjoy books
15. Playing games on my ipod with my good friends who live in Colorado
16. Telephones to be able to talk with family far away
17. Sunday afternoon naps
18. Singing praise songs with my girls
19. Reading devotions with the kids before bed
20. Teavana tea

to be continued...

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