Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Garden Update

Fall is here and the garden is on it's way out. Most everything is done with for now, and I've been working on pulling out dead and overgrown plants and getting the garden ready for fall. I had planned on planting some crops for the fall, but the days just got away from me and it hasn't happened. I am, however, planning on trying a few things like lettuce and spinach in my little makeshift greenhouse which will be fun.
We do still have lots of tomatoes and they are finally starting to ripen! (They are kind of behind because I started them outside later, and we had such cool weather for a loooong time this spring/early summer). And I love it that Hannah is eating tomatoes now! She had gone through a stage where she refused to eat tomatoes. I'd have her try them now and again, and one day she decided she liked them! Hooray! Now she loves to go out and find ripe cherry tomatoes on our patio plants. Even Ellie likes to grab the tomatoes off although she usually ends up with a green one.
I'm hoping to have enough tomatoes to make some sauce to can, but we shall see...

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