Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Art Night!

James' painting...He put paint on one half of the paper wherever he wanted and then folded the other half over and rubbed it around and this is what he got! We thought it turned out looking like a butterfly.

A while back we started doing a Family Art Night once a week. Then life happened and summer came and Art Night got forgotten for a time. (There is a season for every thing, right?) Now that school is back in session, fall is here, it will be getting dark earlier, and the days will be cooler, we'll be needing more things to do inside, so we are picking back up with Art Night. The kids were all excited to do their art tonight and even Ellie got to join in the fun this time, creating her very first painting! I try to let James and Hannah have a turn once a month choosing what kind of art we will do, but tonight we voted to pick something from our "art jar" (We have slips of paper with different art projects on them and then we pick one from our jar...although at the present time I guess it is a tea cup. LOL). Tonight we got painting! We had lots of fun, and I really enjoy seeing what they each create with their paints!

Hannah used string to paint her picture, and then ended up just using her fingers. She was excited to use the string as that was something we haven't tried before.

Ellie had fun and ended up just turning her paint plate into her art, and of course she tried tasting it too! We'll need to do this more often!

(I know, this isn't a painting, but I just had to share a pic of the flowers I got at the farmer's market on Saturday. They are just so beautiful!)

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