Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Improvement!!!

Last weekend (Feb. 28th and Mar. 1st) we decided to work on some projects around the house since Matt didn't have to work in the afternoon either day. There is so much we want to do to the house, but we decided that the heater in the living room took priority. It was, after all, falling off the wall, it was yucky and bent and just plain old, plus there was a toy melted in it. So that became our project for the weekend. But we actually thought we'd be able to replace the drywall behind it and install the new heater in one day so we'd have another day to work on another project. And we might have been able to do it in one day if we hadn't expanded the project! Since we were replacing the drywall under the window we had to remove the window trim. So we figured since we had that off, that we would put up new trim as part of our project as we were planning on replacing it someday anyway. Then we started looking around and decided that if we were putting up new trim, then we should paint the wall. However, if we were going to paint, then we'd first need to texture the wall...we have flat walls that are old and full of dings and dents and other blemishes. Of course we couldn't stop there! If we were going to do one wall we might as well do atleast one more wall while we're at it! And if we're texturing and painting, then we thought we might as well put up crown moulding too! And that's how our project grew!!! Over a week later we still aren't done. Yes, the walls are textured and painted, the new trim is up around the window, and the new heater is installed. But we still have to paint the trim and install and paint the crown moulding. And we found out doing crown moulding isn't going to be quite the cakewalk we imagined it would be! But that's a whole different story!

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