Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello! It has been FOREVER since I've been on my blog! And here I thought I was going to be spending more time here with my new computer! Funny! It seems like no day goes exactly like one would plan, which isn't bad, but sometimes that leaves no time for blogging. I would like to get back into blogging more and to use it as a better way of keeping family and friends up to date with things, as I have become quite frustrated with Facebook. Not necessarily with Facebook itself, but with my use of it. Even though I am only on it for 5 minutes at a time or so, I have caught myself getting on at multiple different times throughout the day. (Can we say addicted??? LOL!) Those 5 minutes here and there add up and I don't gain anything from that time other than a few bits and pieces of what people that I hardly know are doing. I am not saying it is all bad because one of my good friends is always sharing wonderful information about British period dramas and books and I quite enjoy chatting with her about such things. And it is fun to see pictures that friends post. But for the most part, I could totally be spending my time doing better things. Well, anyway, enough of that...I won't bore you anymore with my ranting about my Facebook usage. :)

Life has been busy and amazing and blessed and we've had some downs along with the ups, but I will try to fill you in a little bit.

We had a blessed holiday season celebrating and spending time with family. Christmas Eve we spent a couple of hours with Matt's parents and sister. We enjoyed a nice, quiet time with a dinner and opening presents. The girls were thrilled that G & G got them Pillow Pets! Christmas day I cooked my first Christmas dinner and had the greatest time doing it. Matt's sister and her kids came up and spent the day with us. Lots of fun! Then for New Year's Eve we had our best friends/next door neighbors and a few other people over for an evening of food and games. We are so blessed to have such awesome people in our life!

After the holidays we went through a sad time with the passing of Matt's Grandma after a full life of 96 years. She was a remarkable woman and she is greatly missed.

On into the new year, Matt is immensely enjoying his new job traveling around the country doing security work. He is typically gone for a week at a time, but we actually get to see him more now, than we did when he was working so many jobs before. This job has been a huge blessing in our lives!

And it has provided the extra funds that we needed to finish our bathroom remodel that we started April 2011. That was a "fun" project that, of course, took longer than we planned. But it was so worth it! Our bathroom is the nicest room in the house now, and I feel like I am in a fancy hotel every time I walk in there!

Our new bathroom! Love it!
The birthday boy!
James turned 12 this month on the 8th. That just doesn't seem possible. Of course, his only thought is that he now only has 1 more year till he is a teenager and 3 more years till he can get his driving permit! He is excited for football season to start again in the summer and in the mean time has tried wrestling and is hoping to take a go at lacrosse.

The girls had to get in the picture too! :)
The girls are growing as well. A lot! We measured them a couple of weeks ago and Hannah has grown an inch and Ellie has grown 2 inches since September! We are continuing with our preschool-homeschool and having lots of fun. This week our letter was "P". We finished off the week with a pajama day where we stayed in our pajamas all day and watched princess movies and had a picnic and made purple and pink playdough. Best day ever! :)

Pretty princess in her pajamas.
My other princess showing off her pajamas and her silly smile.
Picnic time! We had pb&j sandwiches, pears, pretend pepperoni (summer sausage) and Pirate's Booty. Yum!
Ellie loves her pb&j!
Playdough fun
Hopefully that caught you up with some of what we've been up to. Next we'll be planning the garden and thinking about chickens. 

 The Lord bless you richly!

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