Saturday, February 18, 2012

Garden Update

Today there was a break in the rain so I was able to go outside and do a little bit of work in the yard. The girls have been helping me dig in the garden beds over the past few weeks to get them ready for planting in a few months. We also got our "greenhouse" up on one of the garden boxes so we can get a start on a few things like lettuce and spinach. A couple years ago when we did this we were eating salad in March!

 I also planted some peas and kale in my little bed next to the house. Things didn't grow terribly well there last year, but I thought we'd give it another try as we did get quite a bit of kale out if it last year.
 The girls and I also made a bird feeder from a juice carton that we finally got hung up last week. We haven't seen too many birds at it yet, but there have been plenty of little juncos hopping around picking up seeds off the ground.
 Not much else happening in the garden in February, but the lilac bushes are starting to reveal some green, and the raspberry canes and blueberry bushes have little buds on them. I love all these signs of spring! Looking forward to warm days and lots of growing!

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