Monday, April 13, 2009

Good thing they're washable!

Friday I shared the Easter story with the kiddos and then was having them make a card that they could give to someone to share the good news that Jesus is ALIVE!! Since we use crayons quite a bit I thought it would be fun to let them use markers to decorate their cards, along with some rubber stamps and stickers. We had lots of fun and they did a great job decorating their cards. The boys finished a few minutes before Hannah and got down to go play. I started cleaning up some of the stuff and turned my back on Hannah for a minute. Then I heard "Mommy! Mommy!". I turned to look and she was proudly coloring with a BLACK marker on her arm and hands!!! Oh, joy!!! I kindly told her that we need to color on the paper and not ourselves and she said "okay", but then wanted to get the marker off of her hands. Well, they are washable so thankfully it did wash off...some of it anyway. The rest had to wait till bath time. She was kind of bothered by it at first and kept saying "Mommy, wash hands." Then soon got used to it. Maybe next time she won't draw on herself....nah, I am sure it will happen again! LOL Oh, it is so fun to have kids!!!!

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