Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden records

This part is mainly for my benefit just so I can keep track of what has gone in, and when, and how it's growing and what our harvest is. I don't have any spare notebooks laying around, so figured this would work for now.


Plants put in:

2 tomatoes in bed/1 tomato in hanging grower
4 chili peppers

Seeds planted:
Box #1
8 squares corn

Box #2
1 square Spanish yellow onions
1 square green onions
1 sqaure chives
1 sqaure basil
2 squares cantaloupe

Box #3
4 squares green beans

Box #4
2 squares cucumbers
2 squares peas


Seeds planted:
Box #3
4 squares carrots

Box #4
3 squares lettuce
3 squares romaine
2 squares spinach
2 squares chard
2 squares kale

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