Friday, February 19, 2010

Frugal Friday: Baby toys

I had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to share with you, but of course I didn't write them down, so now I have forgotten. Except for one. :) Maybe the rest will come to me in time for next Friday. Anyway, here is a frugal tip for today.
This week Hannah helped me make a couple of toys for Ellie. I saved a clear plastic beverage bottle, washed it and let it dry. Then Hannah filled it with lots of bright, fun things we had in our craft supplies: pipe cleaners, sequins, foam shapes, confetti, pieces of yarn, etc. We put some tacky glue around the inside of the lid and screwed it on tightly. Voila! Baby toy for practically nothing! Ellie loves it when Hannah shakes it, and she likes to watch when we roll it across the floor. Hannah is quite enthralled with it too. I have caught her a couple of times taking it right out of her sissy's hands. :)
I also made a small rattle out of an empty perscription bottle from Target. They have beautiful bright red bottles with colored bands on them. (I know, it's just a perscription bottle, but it IS a really pretty color. LOL) I washed it out really well, let it dry and put some rice in it and secured the lid. It is the perfect size for Ellie to hold in her hands, and it is such a nice bright toy for her to look at.
So there you have it. A couple of very frugal ideas to entertain your baby.

P.S. Empty paper towel tubes or the tubes from aluminum foil/plastic wrap make great toys for toddlers! I gave one to Hannah the other day. She was so excited! You would have thought it was Christmas! She used it like a telescope, like a trumpet, and even used it as a sword on her brother. LOL :)

Do YOU have any fun, cheap ideas for toys for your kids?? Please share! :)

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