Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Art Night

We tried something new tonight...spending time together doing......ART! I had read a blog a while back about one way that this family spends more time together, and they have a family art night once a week. I thought that was such a neat idea, so decided to try it out on MY family tonight. Hannah absolutely LOVES coloring, drawing, painting and being creative so I knew she'd be excited about it. The boys I wasn't so sure about, but James had a great time too and really put a lot of thought into his work. Hubby didn't do any art tonight, but he was busy trying to get our new printer set up so I guess we'll let it slide this time. LOL Hannah was more than happy to do Daddy's picture for him. :)
Since Valentine's Day was yesterday, we decided to make "love" pictures. But we could use any art medium our hearts desired. Okay, so not quite ANY, but whatever was in my stash. James used a pencil to draw his and then filled it in with oil pastels. Hannah used markers and then practiced cutting and pasting some scrap paper onto her picture. I used my calligraphy pens to write out a Bible verse.
Next week, James is going to pick our theme. Can't wait to see what he comes up with!

The kids working hard on their art.

Ellie hanging out. Soon she'll be doing art too!

Hannah's picture

James' picture. He said it is a guy with love in his heart and it warms him like the sun. There are two angels. One is holding a boy and a girl which he said represents the relationship. He really put a lot of thought into every detail.

Mine. :) We sure had a great time tonight!

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