Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elissa Faith

Elissa Faith 1 month old
Well, I guess since it's been two months since Elissa was born, maybe I should post something about it on here since she is now a big part of our family in the Little House in Hillsboro. Elissa Faith made her entrance into the world at 3:23 pm on Tuesday, September 1st...right on her due date!!! Yes, we are one of the few that actually has their baby exactly on the due date. Ha!
I went into labor on August 31st around 12 or 1 o'clockish (Is that a word?? O'clockish?? Oh, well. I'm using it anyway!). It was a loooooooooooong labor and everything went almost like it did with Hannah. Oy! And people kept telling me the second one would be easier! I had to have pitocin because my contractions weren't doing anything...although they sure felt like they were! And then I had an epidural which helped me to relax tremendously and make some progress. We pushed for a long time (don't ask me how long...I was too busy trying to get a baby out to look at the clock!) and then a doctor came in and flipped the baby over (what a weird feeling that was!) and they used the vacuum suction to help pull her out.
There we were with our little bundle of joy. I am sooo happy that we got to have some skin-on-skin bonding time with her before they rushed her off to do the things that they do to newborns. With Hannah we didn't get that opportunity because she was having some complications with breathing. It was such a special time for us!
We brought her home that Wednesday night and have been happy ever since! A bit tired, and maybe overwhelmed at times, but so happy!
We are so blessed to have Elissa in our lives along with our other children. Children are truly a gift from God!

Elissa Faith 2 months old

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