Friday, March 23, 2012

What a start to Spring!

Hannah was very please with her "giant" snowball.
 Well, Spring may have arrived a couple days ago, but I think the weather didn't get the memo! We woke up Thursday morning to a couple of inches of snow all over! The girls were delighted and it did look pretty. The chickens didn't know what to think of it though, and I had to put some straw down in front of their coop so they'd venture outside. We had lots of fun playing in the snow while it lasted and now today seems much more like Spring. Sunshine and blue sky and 50 some degrees. Yay!

The ladies love to look in through the patio door and see what's going on inside.

The girls watching the hens enjoy one of their favorite treats...oatmeal.

What a difference from a couple days ago! The poor daffodils were drooping under the snow.



  1. Yes, its pretty sad when it's spring the the girls are in their snow suite in their own back yard! Love the shots of the melting snow, and as always the girls are adorable!

  2. Love the pics! Funny you got some spring snow - winter in MN was pretty snow-less this year.

    The chickens don't like the snow here either. Picky girls ;)