Monday, March 5, 2012


 We have chickens!!!! After the past few years of dreaming and talking, hoping and planning, we are now the proud owners of 5 Buff Orpington one-year old hens. I am soooo excited!!! We brought them home Saturday morning and have been enjoying them so much already. Hannah and Ellie pulled up chairs next to the coop and sat and watched the "ladies" off and on all day long. They are thrilled to be chicken owners.
 We spent pretty much all last week building our coop with the help of our wonderful, amazing friend. He took some of the ideas I had and was able to turn them into plans and figure everything out for supplies, etc. And it turned out way better than anything that I had planned to attempt on my own.
 The ladies have a 4x8 foot penned space for pecking around in and a 4x4 foot cozy coop complete with 2 next boxes and a rustic roost. Plus, on nice days they can roam around the yard to their hearts content. They've had two days of free-ranging so far and have already torn up every single garden bed in the yard. (We'll have to figure out a plan to keep them out of the garden boxes when growing season arrives.) Watch out slugs!
Hannah and Ellie checking out the coop before the chickens arrive.

First egg!

 The ladies seem to be adjusting quite nicely to their new home and have already given us 10 eggs since Saturday! When the weather gets warmer we should be getting 5 eggs per day.
 Of course, we had to name the ladies even though they pretty much all look exactly alike. And since there are 5 chickens and 5 of us, everyone got to name one. Yay!

Matt- Sandy (short for in Colonel Sanders)
Me- Lindu (Finnish word for bird)
James- Nugget (I think the guys got confused on the purpose of the chickens!)
Hannah- Rosetta
Ellie- Rosie

Chicken Love

This girl is super excited about having chickens!

Took them 1 minute to flip all the bark chips out into the grass. :)
Thanks for sharing our excitement over the new additions to our family!


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  1. Hi, Amber! I'm so happy to see you got your chickens :) The henhouse is awesome, the chickens are so cute, the names are perfect, and it's fun to see you and the girls so excited about it all. Have fun!

    It's great to see you blogging again. I always love reading your posts and seeing your great pics!

    Thank you for keeping my dad and our family in your kind thoughts and prayers. It would be so nice to see you on your next trip to MN. Let's plan on it!