Friday, November 4, 2011

Frugal Friday: Headband Storage

Happy Friday! This week I wanted to share a recent quick project I made for all of the girls' headbands. But first, I just have to share my exciting news! I got my own computer this week!!! My very own pretty, white MacBook! Our friend who just moved in as a roommate of our other friends right next door was talking with my hubby the other night about computers and such. My hubby was telling him how we were considering either getting an iPad or some other computer so I could have something to use now that he will be traveling out of town with his new job. Our friend said that he had a MacBook that he didn't use anymore that he would sell to us. (He was pretty much just going to give it to us, but we wanted to give him something for it). We just had to add a new operating system to it. God is so good at providing what we need, when we need it. I am soooo excited! And hopefully, I will be able to write more on my blog too since I don't have to wait for my hubby to be off of his computer.
Okay, on to the headband storage. I wish I could say this was my own idea, but I found it once upon a time on some other more creative person's blog. So long ago, that I can't remember what blog, otherwise I would totally give credit for this awesome idea.
It is super easy to make. All you need is an empty oatmeal container (the bigger size), some pretty paper or fabric and some mod podge (I used homemade. You can find a recipe for that here.)
Measure and cut your paper to wrap around the oatmeal container and then simply mod podge it on, spreading mod podge on the container and sticking your paper on and then mod podging over the top of your paper.
When it is dry, you simply slip your headbands around the container and there you have it! We keep our other hair accessories inside of the container so now we have everything all together.

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  1. GREAT idea!! I'll definately be making this in the future! It will be good to get some of the hair things out of the drawer in the bathroom. Thanks for a great idea!