Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Walk: Cooper Mountain Nature Park

For our Wednesday Walk this week, we went out to Cooper Mountain Nature Park. We have only been there one other time, but it is a great place! There are around 3 1/2 miles of nice trails to hike around through grassy meadows and wooded areas.
And it was great today because the whole family got to go! We finally have James back after a month and half spent with grandparents, and Matt didn't have to work till this evening. So it was a fun family outing!

Wildflowers were abundant along the trails and Hannah and I enjoyed taking pictures of all the different kinds. I am hoping later this week to spend some time looking through our new Audubon book we picked up at a garage sale and identifying some of what we saw.
We didn't see any wildlife except for the couple garter snakes that James saw and a few birds, but we did see lots and lots of signs of animals. Coyote and skunk or raccoon (we weren't quite sure which) poop was all over the trails. Hannah thought that was so fascinating.

And of course we enjoyed the views looking out over the Tualatin Valley. It is so gorgeous up there! And we had a perfect, sunny day!

Ellie enjoyed riding in her pack most of the time, but did get down a few times to run on the trail with her brother and sister. I am so glad all the kids have so much fun together and enjoy getting out in nature.

After our hike, we had a picnic lunch and the kids played around on the playground for a little bit, soaking up some more wonderful sunshine.
It was a great day! We will definitely need to try to get back there more often.

"Shout with joy to God, all the earth!"
Psalm 66:1

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