Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday Walk: International Rose Test Garden

This week for our Wednesday Walk we went and checked out the International Rose Test Garden. And we actually did our walk on Tuesday this week as there was a program at the library today that we wanted to see. (It was a lot of fun too! Mr. Shoehorn...he tap danced and played the saxophone and a myriad of other instruments!)

It was a rainy, wet day, but at least it wasn't chilly. If we waited for a nice sunny day to go do anything I think we might be waiting a very long time! Ha! It seems as if summer is never going to show up.

Anyway, we had a very nice time walking around and looking at all of the beautiful roses. And it smelled heavenly out there! Wish we could have bottled up that smell of roses and fresh rain. The roses looked really pretty with all the water drops on them. It was definitely gorgeous even in the rain.
Hannah was so excited to see all of the different colored roses and made note of which ones were the same color as the ones in our backyard. She is in love with the one yellow rose bush in our backyard so was especially thrilled to see yellow roses all over the rose garden. She was also hoping to see black or brown roses as we had seen black and brown irises when we went to an iris garden at the beginning of the month. She thought that maybe if irises can be those colors then maybe roses can too. On the ride home she said, "Well, I guess they don't have black or brown roses. I didn't see any there." :)

The funniest thing was how we got bombarded by groups of Asian tourists who wanted to have their picture taken with Hannah and Ellie. I guess they thought they were pretty cute. One guy even told me, "They look like angels!". The girls weren't sure what to think of all the hubbub. :)

We had a great time and finished the day off with some cocoa at our favorite coffee shop. We are hoping for a nice day to go back in the sunshine as there is supposedly a really neat playground over by there. Maybe next year.... ;)

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