Friday, June 17, 2011

Frugal Friday: Cardboard Boxes!

Cardboard boxes. For packing. For storing. For shipping. And so much more! We've been having lots of fun with cardboard boxes lately. Reusing and repurposing.

One great way to reuse cardboard boxes is to help keep your things organized. In my tupperware drawer I have a box that I use to keep all of my lids together so they are not scattered in a big mess in the bottom of the drawer. Nothing fancy, but it works!
We have a subsription to a nature magazine for the girls, but we were having a problem with magazines ending up all over the house. So when daddy got some new boots for work, we used part of the box and made a tray to keep the magazines in that slides right under the couch when we aren't reading them.
We also have a box in the kitchen that we use for recycling our paper.

And best of all...cardboard boxes are wonderful for creative play! Last week Hannah and I made a doll house out of a couple of cardboard boxes we had gotten at a shopping trip to Costco. We found the idea for it in the Family Fun magazine. The girls have a dollhouse now for their little dolls and it didn't cost a thing!

And a few months ago when we got Ellie a new carseat, we used the box to make a fun play house for the girls. We finally just had to recycle it because they had used it so much it was falling apart.

So, you see, cardboard boxes can have so many wonderful and fun uses. From keeping you organized to providing hours of entertainment. And all for free!

What can you do with cardboard boxes??

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