Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garden Update...a little late....

So I've gotten behind a little on the garden updates...2 1/2 weeks I guess. It seemed like I was so busy with the kids and housework, and when I did get a few minutes, then hubby was using the computer for work. I finally found my chance to get on the blog today!
The garden certainly has grown in the past few weeks!!! It's amazing!!! We have more lettuce and spinach than we know what to do with. I may have to start leaving little packages on the neighbor's doorsteps...hee hee!
I thought we'd be eating peas by now, but the silly things are just growing ginormous, but not putting out any blossoms! Phooey! I'll have to go out there and have a talk with them. It would be nice to have something else with our salads besides lettuce.
My green beans are coming up nicely. Now if I can just keep them from being eaten. There are some sort of critters eating everything this year. Why can't these pesky bugs eat the hundreds of weeds in my yard instead of my lovely garden plants?? Then we could all be happy. Ah, c'est la vie!
The celery is still alive. Not much growing with them yet, but atleast I haven't killed them. I do think they are finally settling into their surroundings and they should be growing more now.
The cabbages are getting HUGE! Hopefully the will continue to do well, and I can keep the pesky bugs away from them so we can actually get a harvest from them.
Cucumbers and cantaloupes are starting to get bigger, and hopefully they can get up and going on the trellis before the cabbages get too much bigger.
Last week I finally got my tomatoes and peppers planted too, so the garden is full now except for a few squares where I think I'll plant some more carrots and nasturtiums and...well, I don't know yet, but I suppose I should figure it out soon.
I am happy my tomatoes and peppers are doing well. They are small, but perky. They didn't die from the transplant!!! Hooray!!! I am only a little sad because a gal I know already has blossoms on her tomato plants that she started from seed. Oh, well. I guess we'll have tomatoes in November!
The raspberry canes are abundant with little baby raspberries. I need to find a net soon to put over them so the birds don't help themselves to a free buffet. Same for the strawberries. It's so exciting to go out and see all of the blossoms and little berries beginning to form. If we can keep all the pests away we should have a good harvest.
I finally got my trellises made for the garden this past week. They aren't anything fancy, but I am kinda proud of them. I came up with the design myself, went to Home Depot and got my supplies, used all my hubby's power tools (oh, yeah!), and put them together. It was so much fun, I'm now looking for other things I can build!
Whew!!! I think that mostly covers it for this week. If I missed something, there's always next week. Stay tuned for more updates on the adventure of our garden!

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