Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden Update

Spinach salad fresh from the garden!

Our garden is continuing to grow quite nicely, and each week we keep adding more to it. We've been enjoying spinach, and even some lettuce now. I think I've said this before, but it is so fantastic to go outside and get a fresh salad! And nothing tastes better than food you've grown yourself. Soon we should have some peas to add to our salads as the bush peas in the green house box are going crazy.
How does our garden grow??? With peas, spinach, kale and chard and lettuces all in a row!

The mixed pretty!!

The cabbage and peas are doing well. And we now have cucumber and cantaloupe seeds planted in the back row ready to grow up. The cucumbers are just starting to poke through the ground already. Last year we had lots and lots of cucumbers from the four plants we had, so hopefully we'll get another great crop this year. The cantaloupe never did anything last year, so I'm hoping we have better luck this time around. I think last time they got kind of overwhelmed by the tomatoes and didn't get much of a chance to grow.

Broccoli and onions are still doing well, and I've added one eggplant to the mix. The guys don't like eggplant, but Hannah and I thought it would be fun to try one plant. My mother-in-law was telling me that they are really yummy grilled up on the barbecue. And this weekend hopefully I'll be adding the tomatoes and peppers to this bed.

We also got some celery plants from our neighbor that we planted. I've never grown celery before so this should be fun. Gotta love free plants though! Yesterday I stood out in the rain and planted some green bean seeds. Now I just have to get busy and build the trellises for all these plants to grow on!

As for the garden out front, the irises are blooming beautifully, as well as the lavender. More free plants from friends and family! The laveneder was just a tiny little transplant from my mother-in-law when we first moved into our house. Now it is so huge!!! Love it!!

Well, that's what is happening at the Little House in Hillsboro garden this week. I can't wait to take more pictures each week as things start growing. It will be fun to look back and see where we started!

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