Saturday, May 19, 2012

Party Time!

The Cake!
 Just had to share a few pictures from Hannah's birthday party 2 weeks ago. She's really been into Angry Birds and plays it on Daddy's iPhone whenever she can, and so decided that this year instead of princesses or tea parties, she wanted to have an Angry Bird party. I came across some neat ideas via Pinterest and I had a blast putting it all together.
 My favorite thing about the whole party was the cake. I am still a bit giddy when I think about it. Not trying to toot my own horn here, but I am quite pleased with how it turned out...especially since it was the first cake I have ever decorated. Oh, I have smeared frosting on cakes before and maybe put on some sprinkles or written something with that gel stuff from the grocery store, but I have never actually seriously decorated a cake. It was so much fun and I can't wait for another opportunity to make a cake!!
Hannah wanted an ice cream cake and our neighbor, who went to pastry school and knows all about cakes, helped us out with making the cake. We just baked up a funfetti boxed cake, sliced it, and layered it with ice cream. Very simple, and can I just say, I think that should be the only way cakes are made! You get the perfect amount of cake and ice cream together and it is just splendid! :)
Then for decorating it I was so tickled to come across this freezer buttercream method here. You can make a fantastic image on a cake and it is as easy as tracing a picture! LOVE it!
 Moving on...I came across Martha Stewart's tutorial for making these adorable tissue paper pompoms for decorating baby showers, wedding showers, and whatever else. I thought they were just so pretty and wanted an excuse to make them so badly. So I was slightly disappointed that Hannah wanted an Angry Bird party because there is nothing frilly and froofrooey about that, and there would be no reason to have puff balls floating around. :( But then the more I thought about it and saw what some people had done to balloons by adding faces to make Angry Birds, I thought why not add faces to pompoms to make Angry Birds!?! So I did! And they turned out great! Hannah still has them hanging up in her room. (I printed out the faces from here. Scroll down to where she talks about her Angry Bird balloon game)

Birthday banner made using my Cricut.
 James decorated our chalkboard door with some of his great bubble letters and Angry Bird drawings. He also helped me out by drawing the angry pig faces on our stress ball party favors. He loves to draw angry pigs, and does a super job of it, so I was glad for his help.

 For activites we had some Angry Bird coloring pages printed out for the kids and then after cake and presents we made pinecone bird feeders. It was nice (and less stressful for me!) to keep it simple and mostly let the kids just play. Everyone had a great time!

 And for our party favors we just filled some red goody bags with some heart stickers in Angry Bird colors (since I couldn't find Angry Bird stickers), an angry pig stress ball (made from balloons and flour), and an Angry Bird cookie (which I made using the frozen buttercream method). We had little circles of paper for tags that Hannah stamped with a cute little "thank-you" stamp.
We had a wonderful time, and Hannah enjoyed every minute of it! It's amazing what you can do with some creativity and a little help from the internet. 
Next year, it's a Little Mermaid party! Yes, Hannah already has her parties planned out for the next few years! Hahahahaha!


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  1. You do the best parties, your girls and James are so lucky and blessed by that! Also, that cake and cookies? Oh my goodness you are very good at it, I see a side job in your future....i.e if I pay you maybe you can make all the birthday cakes I'll need this summer :)