Friday, July 16, 2010

My Little Ballerina

Hannah loves to dance. Really. LOVES to dance. It doesn't matter where we are, if she hears music she will start dancing. And she's always asking us to turn on music at home so she can dance.
So, I was so excited when I saw in the Parks and Rec activity book that they had a dance class for 3-6 year olds. It was only a 4 week class with 8 sessions, but for less than 30 bucks. What a great way to get her started and see if this is something she really wants to do!
She had such a wonderful time and it was fun watching each session as she would get better and better with the basic dance moves and positions that they were teaching. She even would come home and practice and tell me the name of each move!
Yesterday was the last session and they had a little recital at the end. Hannah was so excited to dress up and do her "show". Grandma even drove up to watch which made it extra special.
Hannah did a wonderful job and it was so fun to watch her and how she really focused on each serious and yet enjoying every bit of it.
I think the highlight for her though was the certificate the teacher handed out at the end...attached to it was a piece of candy! :)
We are so proud of our Hannah girl!

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