Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Budding artists

James' impression garden painting. What a great artist!

Last week our letter for the week was M. We did some math, talked about muscles, made mud, and learned about Monet. We looked at some of his paintings in a book, but especially focused on his garden paintings. And then we made our own garden paintings. We started by using masking tape to make a bridge shape on our paper, then used brushes and cotton balls and covered the whole paper with paint. Once the whole paper was covered we removed the tape, and voila! We had a garden with a bridge! The kids had a great time painting their gardens and James really, really worked hard on his painting and took lots of time to make it just right. I think maybe I'll have to let him do more painting, like those times when he says he has nothing to do.
All of the boys pictures (James and the three boys I take care of)
Hannah's garden painting...she had a little help from mama making the bridge and finishing the painting, but she did most of it. She loves to paint!


  1. this idea is brilliant. we are just finishing up a unit on Monet... can't wait to do this one!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish I could claim this idea for my own...it is so cool. I found it on kinderart.com They have lots of awesome art ideas, and lots that focus on specific artists. Hope you have fun with the painting!